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Probate Bonds aka Fiduciary Bonds

A fiduciary bond is a type of court bond which is often required by probate courts. This bond often must be obtained by individuals who have been appointed to act on behalf of others, such as to take care of their property or finances. These bonds are often also called probate bonds.

Fiduciary bonds guarantee that a court-appointed fiduciary will comply with a court’s requirements and instructions, as well as comply with state regulations for fiduciaries. These bonds guarantee that fiduciaries will perform their responsibilities in an honest and faithful manner, and without taking advantage of their appointment.

A fiduciary bond protects the fiduciary’s ‘clients,’ as well as the state, from bad and dishonest practices, such as fraud, embezzlement or misrepresentation. If a fiduciary is found to be in breach of regulations and of their responsibilities, the bond offers legal recourse to obligees. 

To request a bond, simply complete and submit the application.  

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